Perth Tubular Pool Fence

Elevate Your Pool Safety with Stylish Pool Fencing Options

Pool safety doesn’t have to be boring. Mahers Fencing’s sleek glass and aluminium pool fencing solutions offer secure boundaries without sacrificing aesthetics. Compliant with safety regulations and customisable, we ensure your loved ones’ safety with a touch of class.

Dive into Style and Safety

Mahers Fencing brings pool safety to a whole new level. With our glass and aluminium pool fencing options, enjoy protection with a flair of elegance.

Sleek Glass Options

Our glass pool fences offer unobstructed views and a contemporary look. Designed with tempered glass, they add beauty while ensuring safety.

Sturdy Aluminium Choices

If you prefer a more classic look, our aluminium pool fences are just what you need. They offer strong boundaries with a touch of elegance.

Compliance with Regulations

Our designs comply with Australian safety regulations, ensuring your pool area is safe and legally sound.

Professional Installation

Our team takes care of every detail, from planning to installation. We ensure your fence is perfectly installed, offering lasting safety and aesthetics.

Customisable Designs

We understand that every pool is unique. That’s why we offer customisable designs to match your specific needs and preferences.

Affordable Luxury

Pool safety shouldn’t be expensive. Our solutions offer luxurious aesthetics at an affordable price.


Transform your pool area into a stylish and safe haven with Mahers Fencing. Explore our range of glass and aluminium pool fencing options and dive into a world of elegance without compromising safety. Contact us today!

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